How to make frareo from Oreo

Does a rich and different frappé provoke you? So Oreo cookies They are your best allies, because the recipe that we present below will leave you sucking your fingers. If you are a fan of the Oreo, it is likely that you have already tried the cake made with these cookies, the delicious marquise or the brownies, so why not bet on something cooler but equally good? Discover how to make an Oreo frappé Ideal for the hottest days when something sweet and delicious causes us.

2 people 15 minutes Low difficulty Ingredients:
  • 10 Oreo cookies (5 per person)
  • 200 ml of cow's milk, soy, almonds or whichever you prefer
  • 1 cup vanilla ice cream per person
  • Whipped cream or Chantilly cream (optional)
  • Chocolate syrup (optional)
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The Oreo frappe It is so easy to make and with such a delicious result that, we warn you, you run the risk of becoming addicted once you try this recipe.

Start by crushing the cookies but leaving some whole pieces as these will give flavor to this classic meringue. It is best to put the Oreo in a blender or use a mixer or electric rod to get it.


Then add to the blender glass or the bowl where you are beating the cold milk and vanilla ice cream. Start stirring with the dipstick or blender until all the ingredients are mixed, resulting in a thick shake, the typical texture of the frappe.


Even if you could serve right now Oreo frappe, decorate it with a cookie and drink it whole, we want to recommend a much more professional preparation: serve this drink with whipped cream and chocolate syrup, as you will find it in many restaurants and cafes.


Whipped cream, whipped cream or Chantilly should go just on top of the frappe, decorating it and serving later to mix it with the drink and give it an even more sparkling and delicious touch. You can buy it already made or make it at home following the recipe that we give you in our article how to make Chantilly cream.

For its part, the syrup will be used to decorate the glass before serving the frappe, and also to place it above the cream and give this drink an incredible touch. Discover how to do it step by step and surprise yourself with its rich flavor.


Ready !, in a few minutes you can enjoy a homemade Oreo frappé Amazing, a great way to enjoy these delicious cookies.

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