The most expensive fruits in Spain - discover them

That precious food that presides over charming desserts can also be found in the preparation of recipes for a first or second course or in the production of juices. Do not look at your pocket when buying fruit for your daily diet; frequently, exorbitant prices are a guarantee of quality, although it is also important to take into account some aspects, as we will see below. Continue reading this article and discover what are the most expensive fruits in Spain.

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What are the most expensive fruits in Spain

Currently, in Spain there are 34 designations of origin and geographical indications protected only from fruits, vegetables and legumes. Some of the best-known fruits respond to the names of Cherry of Jerte, Kaki Ribera del Xúquer, Reineta Apple of Bierzo, Peach of Calanda, Nísperos Callosa d'en Sarriá, Grape of Vinapoló, Raisins of Malaga ... What is pursued with This is actually the increase in consumer confidence regarding the product and its characteristics.

The introduction of the brand of Cherries Glamor Cherries In the markets it is done when there are no cherries anywhere else in the world. We have a fruit whose creator is the Catalan company Sat Edoa. In national and international markets have been paid more than 100 euros per kilo for this product that is considered exclusive.

Value for money

The difference in supermarket prices in terms of fruit acquisition can reach up to 70%. It is common for us to buy those fruits that have a better appearance, large, with smooth skin and without any spots on the skin. This immaculate aspect does not have to be indicative of quality either. The lack of marks is often a consequence of the fact that the fruit has been treated with numerous pesticides, so that the animals that could have tried them have died before.

On other occasions, these products are subjected to a polishing and washing process to encourage the consumer to purchase, so it is important that you keep this in mind when making your purchase of fruit.

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