What is vacuum cooking

Have you heard of the vacuum cooker and you don't know what it is? Do you think it is not possible cook a food that is packaged? With this article you will discover that it is possible and, in addition, it represents a great series of advantages. And these cooks are usually at low temperatures So we will get a perfect texture and not reduce our food. Keep reading if you want to know what is vacuum cooking and thus be able to put it into practice.

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In its beginnings, the vacuum technique was used to preserve food, especially in the food industry. But it was Georges Pralus, master chef, in 1974 who began testing for use it as a culinary method, packaging raw food for vacuum cooking.

Pralus research arose as a result of the desire to find a solution to foie gras weight loss when cooking it, as it was reduced by half. Based on attempts, he achieved by vacuum cooking technique that this delicacy was only reduced by 5% and, in addition, its quality and texture were optimal.

What does it consist of?

Vacuum packaging is the process by which we put a food in a bag with no air. This is usually done with the help of the machinery necessary to extract the air from the bag and then seal it by thermal welding.

In this way, vacuum cooking consists of cook the food inside the bag with precision packaging performed by a TekVac precision machine. These cooks are usually at low temperatures and with precision ovens.


Low temperature cooking with vacuum packaging bags allows to achieve:

  • Unique textures
  • Juicy foods
  • Without reducing
  • Pasteurizations with long expiration dates

In addition, they are a infinity food that can be cooked through this technique: game animals, pasta, desserts, etc.

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