How to know if tofu is bad

For its properties and health benefits, the tofu It is the perfect alternative for people who do not consume meat. It is a kind of soybean curd, which is still a great unknown in the gastronomy of many countries of the world. If it is also your case and you do not know how to recognize tofu in poor condition, do not miss the explanations we have prepared for you in. We tell you everything you need to know about how to know if tofu is bad.

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The first indicative for know if the tofu is in bad shape It will be the view. Does it look bad? It is yellow, brown or mold begins to appear in some parts, in that case forget to consume it!


Another way to know if tofu is bad is by its to Rome. As with any other spoiled food, tofu also gives off a rotten scent that indicates that the time has come to get rid of it. In fact, the tofu in good condition does not smell like anything, so if you smell it, it emits a strange aroma, you better not risk it.


Generally, in the same tofu container we usually recommend the manufacturer on the days that the tofu can be open and resist in good conditions in the refrigerator. Therefore, it is best to follow these tips and not take risks. And with the slightest doubt, throw it away! Look closely at the Date of Expiry it's another good way to know if tofu is bad Or it could be.


In this sense, a trick to keep the tofu in good condition it is keeping it in the liquid in which it comes. And of course, don't forget to store the tofu in a tightly closed container or container.

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