How to make homemade wine. Harvest and tips for beginners

I will pose wine making for quantities of a 120 liter barrel, one of the smallest. So you get a good idea of ​​the kilos of grapes you need and you just have to multiply or divide according to what you want to do. Whenever I know make wine in small quantities product losses in different processes are important, wine that remains in the transfer pumps, sludge to be discarded, etc. You will lose about half a kilogram of grapes in their conversion into liters of wine, after trashing, filtering, clarifying, etc. It is difficult to summarize a process that in many cases carries several pages of books. I will try to be concise and practical, that I can serve as a mini-guide based on my experience. Another thing to take into account the material you need. Therefore, if the quantities are very small, it does not compensate you to buy it. My advice for the first year, that you enjoy all the steps and that you do not find it too heavy, a good amount would be two 120-liter barrels, so you can vinify two different varieties and play with the cupajes. WE'LL BEGIN by explaining the grape harvest!

You will need to:
  • Skidder
  • Three 400 or 500 Kilo stainless tanks
  • Pruning shears.
  • Vintage boxes.
  • Material we have used:
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You have to look for a winegrower in your area who wants to sell you a few kilos and let you know when the grape has a good degree of sugars. For that we must take into account to be prepared the months of September and October. You will need a van and suitable boxes to transport the Kilos of grape.


To harvest, the more you are better. The trick is to turn it into a meeting between friends and family, spend a morning in the countryside, learn and enjoy contact with nature. The amount of grapes you can collect per person and hour depends a lot on the variety. For example; Tempranillo is very grateful, the clusters are large and with a short time the boxes are filled. In a couple of hours two people can get about 400 kilos. On the other hand, if the variety is Cabernet you can take twice or more for the same amount, the cluster is smaller and more dispersed by the strain.


This first day ends with the skidding of the grape. This is the process that separates the rasp from the grape. There are many types of skidding, stainless, with pump. For small quantities the simplest, galvanized is sufficient. Once the vintage boxes are emptied, all the scrapes are discarded by one corner and the extruded grapes are picked up by the hopper. These, with cubes are being emptied to the stainless tanks that will be used to ferment. (each variety separately). Well I tell you in more detail the skidding in the next chapter and we begin with the fermentation.


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  • First and most important: The cleaning of the material to be used and the facilities. Always with hot water. You can also add citric acid for greater disinfection. To start with water is enough.