What makes wine or beer more fat

We all know that alcohol makes you fatIn fact, in any weight loss diet you intend to do, alcoholic beverages are the first thing the nutritionist takes out of your eating plan. The expression of "beer belly" we have all heard, as well as a glass of wine a day is good for health butwhat makes more weight the wine or the beer? In we help you to reveal this mystery so you can discover which alcoholic beverage has fewer calories.

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The beer It is an alcoholic beverage that we all know that can cause the appearance of a prominent belly that betrays our excesses. However, beer is a derivative of malt, a cereal very rich in vitamin B and minerals.

It is true that beer is composed of more carbohydrates than wine, since for every 100 milliliters it has about 3 grams of carbohydrates (depending, always, on the type of beer you are drinking); but it is also true that beer has less alcohol than wine: for every 100 ml it has only 3 grams of alcohol.

Thus, a glass of 100 milliliters of beer contains between 40 or 45 calories, depending on the type of beer being consumed.


The wine It is a drink that has less carbohydrates than beer, something that moves the scales in your favor to know if you get more or less fat. In addition, wine is an alcoholic beverage rich in polyphenols, an antioxidant and a cardiovascular protector; This is the reason why many doctors advise the daily drinking of a glass of wine.

However the Red wine, despite having less carbohydrates than beer, it has more alcohol content and for every 100 milliliters you drink of red wine you are ingesting a total of 70 kcal.

In the case of White wine It should be noted that the proportion of alcohol is less than that of red wine but equally higher than that of beer: for every 100 ml of white wine we drink 65 kcal.


After having analyzed the composition of both alcoholic beverages, we can reach a concrete conclusion regarding the question: What makes you more wine or beer?. If we assess the amount of calories we eat for each 100 milliliter glass, the answer is that wine makes you more fat than beer.

If you want to know the calories of other alcoholic beverages, in we tell you which are the most fattening alcoholic beverages; On the other hand, we also reveal which drinks are less fattening.

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