How to make homemade polvorones



One of the most popular Christmas sweets What can not be missing at our table during the Christmas holidays is undoubtedly the polvorón. The polvorones They have been, for years, the typical dessert of this holiday, and are usually accompanied by other traditional sweets such as yolk nougat or chocolate waffles. Perhaps you think that preparing this Christmas candy can be complicated and that the most comfortable, always, is to buy them ready-made and serve them after dinner is over, but did you know that making polvorones is very easy and also economical? In this article we show you how to make homemade polvorones so you can prepare them yourself and surprise all your guests with this traditional dessert.

2 hours Low difficulty Ingredients:
  • 125 g ground almonds
  • 1/2 kg of fine sugar
  • 1 kg of flour
  • 1/2 kg of lard
  • A little cinnamon
  • Sprinkle glass sugar
  • Kitchen paper
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To start preparing homemade polvorones, we must sift flour well so that it is as thin as possible. Then, mix the flour with the ground almonds. If you do not have ground almonds, you can take 250g of almonds and grate them yourself, provided they are well crushed. Almonds are one of the main ingredients of this delicious Christmas dessert.

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When you have the flour and ground almonds well mixed, spread them on a baking sheet and bake at 150º for 30 minutes, put the oven to heat up and down. It is recommended that from time to time you move the mixture with a spatula. After this time, let it cool to continue preparing the polvornes for Christmas.

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Once the flour and almond mixture has cooled, add the lard and the sugar and remove everything well. Pork lard and almonds are the main ingredient of homemade polvorones, so everything must be mixed very well to create a homogeneous dough. After, add some cinnamon to give it a better taste and Knead all the ingredients.

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When all ingredients are well kneaded and integrated, stretch the dough. Do not leave it very thin because polvorones are a sweet that does not grow in the oven. We recommend that you leave 1 cm thick. When you have it extended, take a round mold or a glass of wine and cut the homemade polvorones. Place them on a sheet of paper towels and bake at high temperature, 200º, during 20 minutes, set the oven grill option.

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Watch that the polvorones do not burn, remove them when they are ready and let them cool. When they are cold, sprinkle with glass sugar wrap them in tissue paper and store them in a closed container so that they do not harden and are perfect when serving them. And with this, you will have your dessert for Christmas ready to serve!

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As you see, make homemade polvorones It can be very simple. The recipe takes a little time but the result is spectacular. Serve your homemade polvorones during the Christmas holidays and surprise all your guests.

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