When is fig season

The FIG It is a delicious fruit that we can take in its natural form as well as cook it and enjoy recipes such as fig jam or figs in syrup. However, there is a specific time of year in which figs appear, it is a very short period of time where we can enjoy this fruit naturally. If you like this fruit in we tell you when is fig season.

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The figs They are a fruit with a high concentration of sugar, something beneficial for our health since they provide us with a great energy source. They are also composed of nutrients such as fiber, minerals such as potassium, calcium, iron and phosphorus. There are many benefits of figs and in this article we detail them one by one.


If you want to make the most of the properties and benefits of the fig, the ideal thing is to consume ripe fruits and, if possible, to be natural. For this, it is essential to know when is fig season since, in this way, you make sure that during those months you are taking natural figs.


The fig is a fruit of the Mediterranean and the warm areas, therefore, the fig season It expands in the hottest months of the year: from July to the end of September. In this period of time is when the fruits grow more mature, more tender and tastier.


Although the fig season be very concrete, we can enjoy this fruit throughout the year since canned figs can be consumed or prepared as jams or fruit in syrup. In we tell you how to make fig jam, how to make figs in syrup or how to dry figs so that they are preserved throughout the year.


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