How to make Chinese sweet and sour chicken



The bittersweet chicken It is one of the most successful dishes in Chinese restaurants. Its combination between sweet and bitter flavors makes it a bright and appetizing dish. It is rich, tasty and, most importantly, easy to prepare. If you want to implement your culinary arts and delight palates with this delight, take note. we explain how to make chinese sweet and sour chicken. Follow the next steps. Have fun cooking and get a little more into Asian cuisine. It will delight you.

Medium difficulty Ingredients:
  • 250 gr. diced chicken breast
  • Pepper, sunflower oil, salt
  • Two tablespoons of soy sauce, two of vinegar and three of brown sugar (failing that, white)
  • Sugary pineapple juice
  • Beer
  • Frying flour and cornmeal for thickening
  • A spoon of honey and one of ginger powder
  • Garnish vegetables: diced red and green peppers, onions
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Place the soy sauce in a bowl and macerate the chicken Cut into tacos for a few minutes. When you see that it is soft it will be time to prepare it for batter.

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Prepare the mixture for batter the chicken. You will need flour, pepper, salt and beer. You can also add the remaining liquid of having macerated the chicken with the soy sauce. If you notice that the batter mixture is very clear, add tablespoons of flour until it is more consistent and thick.


Once you have the dough done, bathe the chicken tacos in it and then fry them in a pan containing sunflower oil already hot. When you notice that the chicken tacos take a golden color, remove them from the heat and place them on a plate with absorbent paper, so you will be able to remove the excess oil from the frying.


At the same time, saute the peppered vegetables to taste in another pan and then add them to the chicken dish. You just have to skip them, because they will finish with the bittersweet sauce.

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To do it sweet and sour sauce you must mix the following ingredients in a bowl: add three tablespoons of vinegar and three tablespoons of brown sugar. In case you don't have this type of sugar, you can turn it white. You should also incorporate three spoons of sugary pineapple juice. Then, add a soy spoon, one of sunflower oil and one of honey to the mixture. Season to taste and add a teaspoon of ground ginger coffee powder and a tablespoon of ketchup. Look at the image, your bittersweet sauce will be more or less like that.

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Mix it all over low heat. You must observe how the honey melts and stir all the ingredients so that the flavors are mixed gradually.


Stir the sauce until it thickens and gradually incorporates cornmeal to thicken. The sauce should be concentrated to your liking, the thicker you want the more cornmeal you should add while moving the mixture.


Once you have the sauce to your liking, remove it from the heat. Then, in a new pan you must add the fried chicken tacos, vegetables and sauce. Mix everything and heat it for a few minutes.


Ready! You already have your sweet and sour Chinese-style chicken ready to serve. You can make basmati white rice accompaniment. You will delight palates.


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  • This recipe can be made with pork or turkey loins or with any lean or soft meat.
  • The recipe can be applied and adapted to varieties to taste, especially in the case of garnish with vegetables.