How to make a vegetarian Christmas dinner

The Christmas It is a time when the food it takes a fundamental role, since an infinity of Lunches and dinners with family and friends To celebrate the holidays. Each country and region usually has typical Christmas dishes, but the thing is complicated when one or more of the guests are vegetarians, since they will not eat many of the food. That is why we want to make the task easier and explain How to make a vegetarian Christmas dinner.

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Recommendations to consider

First of all, it is necessary to take into account some fundamental things before preparing a Christmas dinner in which vegetarian people will participate:

  • You should know what foods vegetarian people consume with whom you are going to have dinner, since there are different types of vegetarianism:

- the lacto-ovo vegetarians they eat eggs and dairy

- the lacto-vegetarians they use only dairy

- the strict vegetarians that do not consume dairy or eggs only vegetables

- the vegans They do not eat anything that comes from an animal such as honey.

  • If you are going to combine vegetarian dishes with those that are not, you should always prepare them separately.
  • Do not use either chicken or meat broth as the basis of any vegetarian dish.

Proposal 1: vegetable cannelloni

A traditional Christmas meal is the cannelloni, So a great idea will be to replace the meat filling with vegetables and prepare some rich vegetable cannelloni. We can choose the vegetables that we like the most: spinach, eggplant, mushrooms, broccoli ...

In we offer you a recipe for prepare vegetable cannelloni, but you can adapt it to your liking.


Proposal 2: soy meatballs

The soy or soy It is one of the most used meat substitutes among vegetarians, since this legume is a great contribution of protein and allows the elaboration of rich dishes comparable to many made with meat.

For Christmas lunch or dinner, we suggest a soy meatball stew, made from textured soy and with a good accompaniment of vegetables. We can also prepare baked potatoes to eat with this delicious dish. You will find the recipe in our article how to make soy meatballs with vegetables.


Proposal 3: Seitan stew with mushrooms

Another good alternative for vegetarian people is the seitan, a food preparation based on wheat gluten which is usually called "vegetable meat" for its similar appearance once cooked.

In this way, in the Christmas menu we can incorporate a seitan stew with mushrooms, using thin slices of this preparation, battered in flour and fried in oil. For the sauce of the stew, you can use the mushrooms that you like or that you find in the market.


Proposal 5: cocktail of cava and berries

In every Christmas table, you can not miss the drinks and drinks nor of course the digging. That is why we also suggest this cocktail of cava and fruits of the forest that will delight all diners.

You should reduce the cava with cranberry juice, mixing well in a shaker, and add crushed ice. Add the red and wild fruits that you like best: blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, etc.


Proposition 6: Christmas cookies

The Christmas cookies They have become very fashionable in recent times, but not all types of vegetarians can eat them, for example if they contain egg or butter. Therefore, we suggest you prepare them with margarine and ripe banana as a base for the dough.

The procedure will be the same as to make the typical Christmas cookies, for which you can also use molds in fun ways. Check here the step by step envelope How to make vegan Christmas cookies.


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