How to make homemade Baileys - whiskey cream

Cream of whiskey or Baileys It is a mixed between cream and alcohol that has its origins in Ireland. It is ideal to consume on the desktop as a digestive and also at night. The best way to consume the whiskey cream is alone and accompanied by plenty of ice, although there are people who drink it pure and without anything else.

This alcoholic drink is often liked by many people because of its sweet taste with more body than a beer and more softness than a whiskey. The Bayleys, also known as Irish liquor, is a sweet drink of a thick and smooth consistency on the palate. If you wish, you can make a homemade Baileys with the ingredients that we will give you below, although you can also give it a personal touch by changing the quantities or replacing some ingredients. This type of drink is ideal especially in winter and during the Christmas period. Whiskey cream can also be used as an alcoholic ingredient in cocktails such as

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How to make homemade Baileys - whiskey cream

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