How to make Christmas desserts


There is no doubt that one of the protagonists of the Christmas It is the food, and there are many delicious traditional dishes that we usually consume only on these dates, making the celebration even more special. And of course, sweets have an important place on the menu, with many alternatives to prepare and enjoy during the holidays. You don't know which one to choose or where to start? we give you some good options, discover how to make Christmas desserts and delight yourself with these traditional alternatives.

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Christmas desserts: homemade nougat

If there is an absolute protagonist of Christmas on the dessert table, this is nougat. Both in Spain and in different countries of Latin America, this delicious option is consumed, which currently has variants for all tastes. Although there are many traditional brands that make delicious nougat, making them at home is also possible, that's why we give you some delicious recipes that you will surely love.

Discover how to do at home:

Christmas desserts: panettone

Although of Italian origin, the panettone It has spread throughout the world, being one of the most traditional Christmas desserts we can enjoy. This alternative can also be made at home with simply delicious results, you can also make it with fruits or chocolate chips, do it to your liking!

Do you want to know how ?, in our article how to make panettone we explain it to you.

Christmas desserts: marzipan

Others traditional Christmas dessert Very popular in Spain and in some Latin American countries is marzipan, small figures made from almonds with a sweet and intense flavor that is simply addictive.

It is also a very simple alternative to prepare, so you can make the amount you want to taste them during all the holidays. Discover in our article how to make marzipan the right way to make them to enjoy their sweet taste.

Christmas desserts: caramelized apples

The Caramel Apples They are very typical in the United States, but little by little they have been entering other cultures for a simple reason: they are very good! Children also love them, so it is well worth experimenting preparing them at home to spoil the little ones. In our article how to make caramelized apples for Christmas we explain the proper way to make them.

Christmas desserts: polvorones

Delicious, sweet, soft, perfect! The polvorones They are very typical of Christmas and can not be missing at your dessert table during the holidays, so we invite you to prepare them at home with a delicious recipe that we propose. Discover how to make polvorones and delight everyone at home.

Christmas desserts: Christmas cookies

While it is true that cookies are consumed throughout the year, these are also perfect for Christmas if we elaborate them in traditional ways like Christmas trees or snowmen. In addition, if you have a pastry talent, you can always decorate them with fondant to give the face of typical parties, such as Santa Claus.

To discover our recipes and all the ideas we offer you, you can consult our article how to prepare Christmas cookies.

Christmas desserts: Santa Claus with strawberries and cream

Don't have time to make elaborate desserts? Not very fond of pastry? Nothing happens, even if in your life you have prepared a sweet, you can make this Christmas dessert that we propose and that is simple but very colorful: small Santa Claus with strawberries and cream.

The result is simply adorable and the preparation very simple. In our article how to make a Santa Claus with strawberries and cream we explain its elaboration step by step.

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