How to freeze avocados

As with most foods, the avocado can be preserved and reuse later. When we talk about fresh fruit, we can store it cut or uncut, ripe or not, the range of possibilities is much greater. But how to preserve that fruit that tends to oxidize or darken quickly? Today we talk specifically about avocados, a type of fruit that usually turns brown if you are not careful. To be able to eat this fruit at any time we give you the keys with which you will learn how to freeze avocados. If you have excess, do not give up the taste of this delight ... Freeze it!

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Storing avocados is very simple, you just have to decide how you want to keep them. The possibilities are varied: cut or whole, ripe or not yet mature or even in guacamole. Think about what uses you often give to this type of fruit to select the frozen method that suits you best in the future.

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Usually avocados that have not yet matured They are usually kept whole, uncut. If it has not yet opened it will hold you perfectly in the refrigerator for two to three days and at room temperature between 4 and 5 days. We advise you to leave it at room temperature so that they have just ripened since the refrigeration of these pieces would delay ripening and, therefore, the avocado would lose qualities such as taste or texture.


If the avocado you want to freeze is very ripe, then it will be necessary to freeze it to preserve it properly. One of the best tricks to have avocado ready to spread, add in sauces or make guacamole is mash it. Think that you can not freeze the whole piece of avocado, nor cut into pieces, because its texture does not hold the properties well. The ideal is to freeze it crushed.


To start you must wash the whole piece of avocado previously. Once it is well cleaned, peel it. The best trick to get the skin of this fruit well is to make a cut in half of the piece, around the seed. Then, turn the knife to open it and lift the pinion with a spoon.


With the avocado open, take out the edible part, the avocado meat, and mash it until you get mashed avocado. For this you can use both a crusher and a fork, depending on how smoothly you want the mash to be. To keep it better in the freezer you can add a teaspoon of lemon juice or, failing that, a splash of white vinegar. Both juices prevent the avocado from darkening and rusting.

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Finally, place the mashed avocado in an airtight container or tuperware. And ... to the freezer! Avocados can be stored in the freezer between 5 and 6 months. When you thaw it, you will have avocado ready to add to your sandwiches, toasts, snacks, salads, soups or to make guacamole rich.


In case you want to keep diced or sliced ‚Äč‚Äčavocados, we do not advise you to place them in the freezer. Add to the pieces of avocado that you have cut a splash of lemon juice or white vinegar to prevent oxidation, wrap it with plastic wrap or transparent film and place the avocado in the fridge. In this way the avocado will hold you for a day, so this trick is for fast avocado consumption.


Finally, remember that you can freeze the avocado once you've made guacamole with it. The days of preservation will depend on the ingredients you use for the recipe, but it is always important to add an acid such as lemon juice or white vinegar to prevent oxidation and darkening of the guacamole. If you notice that the more superficial layer has oxidized a bit, you can remove it and enjoy the rest without problem. Place the guacamole in an airtight container and freezer.

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