How to sift flour

The term "sieve"means going through something for a sieve, that is, for a very fine strainer, and that is what is usually done with the flour to prepare countless recipes. Sifted flour is very useful especially for making dessertsas it will help do not form lumps and the result will be more fluffy. In this article we explain in more detail How to sift flour

You will need to:
  • Flour
  • Sieve or fine strainer
  • Spoon
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One of the most usual ways to sift flour is to do it with a sieve or strainer. To do this, we recommend using a sieve with very small holes, in order to better separate the flour and prevent any impurity from straining.


First, you must place a bowl or other container under the sieve, which will be where the sifted flour will fall. However, if you are going to prepare a dough - for example, pizza - you can also do it on the surface where you are going to work to form a volcano.


Then you will have to add flour in strainer or sieve, try that the amount is not excessive. Although you can pour it directly from the package or canister where you keep the flour, it will be appropriate to do it with the help of a spoon or meter to prevent it from falling too much at once.


Then you should go tapping or hand punches on the side of the sieve or strainer, while holding it by the handle with the other hand. In addition to hitting the sieve, you can help you with a spoon to sift the flour and turn it around to make it pass through the strainer filter.


Thus, the flour will go through the small holes and it will fall into the container that you have placed below. The objective of sifting the flour is to aerate the flour to avoid the formation of lumps in the preparation of recipes, especially desserts. It should be noted that it is also possible to pass through the sieve other powdered ingredients such as icing or impalpable sugar; The process to follow will be exactly the same.


You can see at a glance the difference between flour before and after if it passes through the strainer, the one that is sifted will be much finer. However, the appearance may also depend on the type of flour, since there are differences between flour 0000 and the leavening, so we must choose the one that best suits our recipe.

Next, we leave you with some dessert items that you can prepare with sifted flour:

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  • Go adding the flour little by little, never suddenly.