How to cook a chicken breast - the best ideas

Chicken is one of the most versatile meats, since it can be prepared in many ways and is always delicious. Also, the breast is one of the parts that offers more possibilities when cooking, and at the same time it is very healthy because it contains little fat. In this way, we want to explain various possibilities about how to cook a chicken breastWhich ones do you know?

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How to make a grilled chicken breast

One of the most common ways to cook chicken breasts is to prepare them on the grill, since it is also one of the healthiest culinary techniques for eating meat.

In this way, you should follow a few simple steps to make a grilled chicken breast:

  1. Cut the breast - or ask the butcher to cut it - into fillets of a considerable width, so that from a whole breast you can get about 2 or 3 slices.
  2. Add salt or salt and pepper to taste, as well as you can add some other seasoning to enhance the flavor, such as Provencal herbs, rosemary, ground garlic, etc.
  3. Once this is done, you only have to add a few drops or a splash of grilled olive oil or pan and cook the breast on both sides, until you see that they are sufficiently made.
  4. Be careful not to iron it in excess so that it is not dry.

How to cook a baked whole chicken breast

Another alternative when preparing the chicken breast will be to bake it, either as part of a whole chicken and, therefore, preparing roast chicken or just baking this meat cut.

For prepare a baked whole chicken breast, or if you prefer already filleted, you will only have to follow these indications:

  1. Prepare the piece of meat as you prefer, either clean the breast well if you make it whole, removing some pieces of fat that may have been left, or, if you want to make it in several pieces, cut it trying to make it thick enough. However, to prevent the chicken from being dry and the meat being juicy, it is best to cook the whole breast and chop it once it is already roasted.
  2. We also recommend seasoning it before putting it in the oven.
  3. To know the time you should have them in the oven to make the roast look good, you will have to take into account the power of the oven and choose a suitable temperature. Normally, the time will be around 20 minutes or until it acquires a golden color.
  4. The temperature should not be too high, it is better to cook the meat more slowly to prevent drying.
  5. Once the breast is ready you can place it on a plate or dish and add garnish to your liking. In addition, you can make a presentation with the whole piece or chop it or make some cuts before taking it to the table.

How a baked chicken breast is seasoned

These are some ideas for seasoning chicken but you can opt for a variety of combinations, you just have to put imagination and try.

  • Mix of spices to your liking.
  • Salt and pepper.
  • Chopped garlic.
  • Spicy like chili.

How to cook breaded chicken breast

On the other hand, the breaded or breaded chicken breast It is usually the one that likes the smallest of the house (and not so small!). The reason is usually because it is much more juicy, tasty and even somewhat crispy. To prepare them, you can prepare different types of batter:

  • Whipped egg and breadcrumbs
  • Milk and breadcrumbs
  • Egg whipped and flour

Also, you can choose to add some seasoning to the breadcrumbs, such as Parmesan cheese, parsley, Provencal herbs or oregano to give them a special touch. In this case, the process to cook them once passed through the batter you have chosen, will be the same as doing it on the iron, but you will have to add more oil to the pan, since it will be necessary to make the fried chicken.

How to prepare a chicken breast in sauce

If you want to cook the chicken breast and make it very juicy, we suggest you prepare it in sauce and, in this way, you can even eat it overnight or reheat it in the microwave without it being hard.

The truth is that there are endless sauces that combine perfectly with chicken, so you must choose the one you like best. Some good examples of how to cook chicken breast in sauce are:

  • Almond Sauce
  • How to make sweet onion sauce
  • Soy sauce
  • How to make lemon chicken
  • How to make garlic chicken breast

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  • The mashed potatoes and corn and / or some salad make a great team to complement this quick-fix dish.
  • Cut the chicken breast to make sure it is fully cooked. If it has a slightly pink color, cook it more because it is still somewhat raw.
  • We recommend that you try to buy chicken breasts that come from organic production, in this way they will be healthier and, without a doubt, they will be tastier.