How the quince eats

Between the fall fruits, we found one of the great strangers to many: the quince. With its characteristic yellow color and, above all, its intense smell has beneficial properties very diverse for the human organism, so it can help us in different conditions. Even so, it is not a fruit that is eaten raw, but it is necessary to prepare the quince and we want to explain How the quince eats.

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The quince

The quince or quince is the tree that produces these fruits, which are related to apples and pears, but very acidic flavor. Likewise, the quince has a hard and rough yellow flesh, so they usually cook and prepare in various ways before consuming it. In addition, its high content of pectins gives it an ideal consistency for making compotes, jams and jams without having to add substances that are expected.

In this way, it is not usual to eat raw quinces, although it is true that in some regions it is eaten chopped and with salt. It should also be noted that there are different varieties of quince, according to their characteristics and especially depending on their origin.

How the quince is eaten: quince jam

Thus, one of the most traditional and well-known ways of eating quince is in the form of quince jam or quince meat. For its elaboration, only this fruit and sugar is required and if you want to know the step by step of the recipe, you should only consult our article: How to make quince jam.

In addition to eating this jelly alone or with bread, it is also very common to accompany the quince meat with cheese, so you just have to combine it with the variety that you like to get a rich Quince cheese. In we also explain how to make a snack of quince and cheese roquefort.

How the quince is eaten: jam and quince jam

Likewise, another of the ways in which the quince can be eaten is how jam or jam, since, as we noted earlier, its high pectin content makes it have an ideal consistency for it. You can use them for breakfast, snack, make pies or cakes ... let your imagination run wild!

Again, to prepare jam and quince jam you will only need the fruits of the quince, sugar, water and follow the recommendations of the envelope article how to make quince jam.

How the quince eats: quince compote

Another good option to take advantage of the quinces is compote compote which, at the same time, is a very practical way to keep them in boats for a long time without spoiling them. We must not confuse this way of preparing the quince with the one explained in the previous step, since - despite also preparing with sugar - in this case the fruit is usually kept in more or less large pieces. You can see the step by step in our article on how to make quince compote.

However, there are those who prefer to undo the quinces, so that the result will be a kind of consistent puree based on this fruit. It just depends on how you like it best!

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