What is the difference between skim milk and deslactose milk

Choosing a milk is not a simple task, not only because there are quantities of brands on the market, but also because on the shelves we find a wide variety of types of milk that can sometimes confuse us. Some people clearly know the product they want, but others are not clear about the difference between terms that sound similar, such as lactose Y skim. Are they the same product or not? we explain what is the difference between skim milk and deslactose milk.

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Skim or skim milk

The skim milk It is a very popular product that has been present on the shelves for decades. This type of milk is called skim or skimmed because it has a lower fat percentage than that of whole milk, so it provides a lower amount of fat to our body, being ideal for people who have certain health conditions such as cholesterol and high triglycerides, fatty liver, etc., and also for those who wish to take care of their figure a little more.

Lactose milk

The lactose milk It is one of the alternatives for people who are lactose intolerant, a milk-like compound that many have difficulty digesting. This alternative can be a little sweeter and less dense than whole milk, however it also contains fat and all the nutrients of normal milk, so not a lighter option or reduced in fat, unless you choose skim.

Difference between skim milk and deslactose milk

Having clear the characteristics of each product, it is much simpler to detect the difference between skim milk and deslactose milk. If you are looking for an option that has less fat and has no problems with lactose, then your option is the skim milk.

On the other hand, if you have difficulty digesting lactose, you should opt for lactose milk, which can be whole or skim according to your taste.

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