How to make light dinners


The light dinners They are essential to enjoy a healthy life and prevent the food you eat from becoming saturated fat. The energy coming from what foods can become fat if you don't burn them, something that will make your figure gain weight and that your body is less healthy.

In we help you to know how to make light dinner and so enjoy a healthy menu before going to sleep.

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Food prohibited at dinner

During the DinnerThere are a number of foods that you better avoid taking because their high fat content, calories or long digestions make them true enemies of night rest. It is best to opt for low calorie dinners in which the sensation of hunger calms down without filling the stomach too much and without taking extra calories.

One of the tips What else should we follow when feeding it is the following: Eat breakfast like a king, eat like a prince and have dinner like a beggar. This is the key to healthy eating distributed according to the needs of our body to function during the day.

First thing in the morning, we need to provide our body with calories and energy to function throughout the day; However, at dinner time we should only eat a little to feel satiated but without going over the intake because we are not going to burn those calories.

Next, we will offer you a list of the foods you should avoid during dinner:

Carbohydrates: its high fat content makes them a food not recommended for dinner time. The energy provided by this food group means that, by not burning it, it ends up becoming fat. In this group we find foods such as bread, pasta, rice, legumes, cereals, and so on.

Lettuce: There are many myths about taking salads at night. If you have a tomato salad there is no inconvenience, however, if your salad has lettuce, we do not advise you to eat it at night. Lettuce is a vegetable that has a large amount of insoluble fiber, a component that makes digestions not light and, at night, can produce gas or bloating.

fruit: It is advisable to drink fruit during the day and on an empty stomach; At night you should not eat fruit because they are foods with high levels of fructose (natural sugars) that, when not burned, end up becoming glucose. In we reveal if it is bad to eat fruit at night.

Sausages: although they are proteins, sausages are a type of food that have a high fat content therefore if you want dine light, you must completely abandon the sausage option. Y even less snacks: The mixture of carbohydrates and sausage is a calorie bomb for dinner time.

Food allowed at dinner

After the above list, you may be struck by doubt: what can I have for dinner? Quiet because there is a lot of food, recipes and light dinner ideas with which you will enjoy healthy dishes and suitable for the end of the day.

Next, we provide you with a list of food allowed at dinner so you know what you can have for dinner that does not make you fat and let you rest without shock.

Cooked vegetables: It is one of the foods that you can not miss to enjoy light dinners and is that its low calorie intake, its feeling of satiety and its high fiber content make cooked vegetables into perfect foods to end the day. You can use them in all its varieties: baked vegetables, steamed, cream of vegetables, mashed vegetables, sauteed vegetables, and so on.

Protein: Foods such as meats, fish or eggs are ideal for dinner. But if what you want is dine light you should opt for low-fat proteins such as lean meats or white fish.

Skimmed Dairy Products: This food group is also perfect for dinner time since they have a low caloric intake. In addition, dairy products provide a high satiating effect with which you will feel satisfied even if you have had little dinner.

For make low-calorie dinners you should pay special attention to the way you cook these foods, for example, forget about eating battered meat or fried peppers: choose healthier recipes made with little oil and grilled, baked or steamed. In this way you will get your dishes have low calories and are perfect before bedtime.

In this article we tell you what are the best foods for dinner.

Examples of light dinners

In summary, we will provide you with a weekly menu that will give you the guidelines so you know make light dinners and enjoy a healthier and lower calorie life. Take note of our proposals!

  • Monday: Pumpkin cream + Chicken or turkey burger + 0% fresh cheese
  • Tuesday: Purifying broth + Grilled sole + Skimmed yogurt
  • Wednesday: Chicken Stuffed Zucchini
  • Thursday: Spinach + Vegetable Omelette + Infusion
  • Friday: Vegetable soup + Baked hake
  • Saturday: Chicken broth + vegetable grill with hard boiled egg
  • Sunday: Vegetable puree + Baked turkey breast

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