How to stop eating too much

If you want stop eating more than the bill and take control over your habits nutritional, we propose this article with some practical tips to do so. Only you decide and act on what you eat and only you can remedy wrong guidelines. When it costs, think that it is an investment for a lifetime, very rewarding (more general well-being) and with good long-term impact.

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If you've been overeating, it can sometimes be difficult to take control of your eating habits. A good way is not have or buy unhealthy foods. Normally, if they are there, you will be tempted to eat them more often.


Don't wait too long between meals. When you wait a lot, you try to make up for the time you didn't eat and end up "falling."


Do not go shopping hungry. Many times when you go to the supermarket, you tend to buy more than what is needed. Once you have bought all the food and have it at home, you will not want it to spoil.


Try to eat some foods that allow portion control. For example, instead of buying a box of cereals, try to buy the pack that comes with 10 small boxes. So, you know exactly how much you are going to serve and you do not eat anymore nor are you tempted to do so.


Talk to a friend and tell him that you are looking forward to eating less. This way you may have to be accountable and that will help you with food decisions.


When eating out, ask for something light or eat only half of the plate if it is very abundant. You can take the rest home for another meal. This way you can eat whatever you want and you won't eat too much. You will also have to buy less at the supermarket next time!

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  • You will need a lot of self-control and determination to do it, don't discourage!